A story of us

Original Story  CHO Nam-joo
Director  KIM Do-young
CAST  JUNG Yu-mi, GONG Yoo, KIM Me-kyung

KIM JI YOUNG_Character Poster_Ji-young

Everyone knows but no one realized 

Author CHO Nam-joo’s novel , which sold over 1 million copies within 2 years of its first publication in 2016, has been recreated for the big screen.

Adding more drama and episodes to the main character and the people around her, the film depicts the unknown struggles of ‘KIM Ji-young’ as she lives today in 2019. Once a woman with a promising career, ‘Ji-young’ now lives as a mother of a baby girl and a wife. However, the image of ‘Ji-young’, who has sinking feelings in her heart from the repetitive struggles of everyday life, recounts her stories and pains that she doesn’t realize are within her.

Her husband ‘Dae-hyeon’ sees her talking as if she is someone else at times and gets worried and heartbroken. Also, glimpses of ‘Ji-young’s’ mother, family and co-workers in, capture the relationship and emotions between the people in Ji-young’s life in an ordinary yet special story.

JUNG Yu-mi and GONG Yoo’s third film together
Detailed, relatable performances in portraying a couple for the first


GONG Yoo and JUNG Yu-mi starred together in the 2011 film based on the best-selling novel . In 2016, they attracted over 11.56 million viewers in the blockbuster hit . Now, they star in their third film together and as a married couple for the first time in .

JUNG Yu-mi has portrayed realistic characters in drama series such as [Discovery of Love], [The Queen of Office] and [Live] which vividly depicted the lives of young Korean adults. In , she transforms into ‘KIM Ji-young’, a daughter, mother, wife, and colleague to someone. Though she is brave, she sometimes gets hurt. She smiles brightly but suffers heartaches inside. JUNG Yu-mi takes on an ordinary character who struggles through her everyday life. When ‘Ji-young’ discovers a side of her that she doesn’t even know, JUNG pours out her heart and leads the drama with delicate, dedicated acting that focuses only on her character.

GONG Yoo, makes a much-awaited return to the big screen, after his back-to-back hits , and [Guardian: The Lonely and Great God] in 2016. In , GONG portrays ‘Dae-hyeon’, Ji-young’s husband who worries about her and watches her. He maximizes immersion into the drama with a detailed portrayal of a husband who is deeply considerate of his wife and portrays a very ordinary character unlike his previous roles.

JUNG Yu-mi and GONG Yoo, who meet for the third time and work together as a couple for the first time, present special chemistry together that can’t be missed in .

KIM JI YOUNG_Character Poster_Dae-hyeon
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